GeekBuying Customer Support Lied Four Times

My advices is “Never trust GeekBuying”.

Here I share my terrible experience when I tried to buy Xiaomi mobile phone on GeekBuying.

Jan 20, 2018
I ordered the item. The item page said “Shipping: in 2-7 days“.

Jan 27, 2018
I contacted with their order tracking support and asked when my order will be shipped.

Jan 29, 2018
Reply from their tracking support:

Hi there
Thank you for shopping at GeekBuying!
the order will be in stock 8 days later and now kindly appreciate your waiting .
sorry for the inconvenience caused and if you have some other minds and pl tell us

Customer Service Representative

Jan 30, 2018
My replay:

The page of this item still says “Shipping: in 2-7 business days”. Is this true?
Do you mean if I cancel my order and make a new order, I can get this item faster?
Can I confirm which is true?

Jan 31, 2018
Reply from GeekBuying:

We are sorry for the delay.
Your order will be shipped out 2-3 days later.
We will notify you as soon as possible and send you tracking number via email once your order is dispatched.
Customer Service Representative

Jan 31, 2018
My reply:

Dear Cecilia,

I really appreciate that you confirmed you will ship my order 2-3 days later.
Thank you for your reply

Jan 31, 2018
Reply from GeekBuying:

It is my pleasure. :)

Kindly let me know could you do me a favor ? and it is assigned by our manager.
This is the website: Review site :

Please follow these steps:
1. Register
2.Search “geekbuying” and write a review.
3.Check your mail to activate the review.

After you do, could you send us the screenshot of the finished good review?
And we will send them to our manager for the coupon to you for next order.
Thanks so much for you.

Customer Service Representative

I clicked the link then jumped to their private Goole Group. The page says you aren’t authorized to access this group…

Jan 31, 2018
My reply:

Dear Cecilia,

It says this group uses a private domain, so you have no right to access.
Anyway I will write a review after I receive my item. Naturally my review depends on how fast I can get my item.

Best regards,

Feb 1, 2018
Reply from GeekBuying:

Okay, i understand. We will inform you immediately once your parcel is shipped out.

Customer Service Representative

Feb 3, 2018
My confirmation:

Dear Cecilia,

I really appreciate I could get your reply for the following questions as soon as possible. My order number is #XXXXXXX.

1) When I ordered this item, the unit price was 22471 yen. (I think you can check it on my order) However, today’s unit price is 22070 yen, increased 401 yen. I suppose I don’t need to pay this additional 401 yen because the reason is your shipment delay.

2) You promised that you will ship my order 2-3 days later at 19:15 on Jan 31, 2018 JST. Can I confirm you are sure that my order will be shipped until 19:15 JST of today?

I really appreciate you reply to this email as soon as possible.

Thank you in advance,

Feb 5, 2018
It’s Monday, so I directy contacted with their support by their online chat.

Agent Service03 has joined the chat.

Hi, Chinese New Year is from Feb 14 to Feb 20, and we will have a week off, just wait for your orders to be shipped before holiday or after . Thanks for your time !

Welcome to Geekbuying. May I help you?

Support: hello,how are you ?
Me: could you do me a favor of checking my order status?
Me: it is not shipped yet after ordeing about 25 days ago.
Support: can you tell me the order number,thanks
Me: when I ordered, it said the item will be shipped in 2-7 business days.
Support: the item is out of stock up now,would you mind changing to other items?
Me: please check the page of the same item. it says the item in stock. what does this mean?
Support:sorry for the delay,it will be reached on the end of this month,it is too long
Me: I already contacted via email with Ms. Cecilia, your Customer Service Representative. She said she will ship my item 2-3 days later on Jan 20.
Me: I cannot understand what’s happening.
Support:we know it,sorry for the delay again,the arrived time has been delayed to us again
Support:if you don’t want to wait it,would you mind changing or canceling ?
I understand you cheated for 25 days. Please cancel and refund the original item price *plus* 25 days’ interest which you can freely calculate.
Support:ok,i will cancel the order and the refund will be returned to you tomorrow
Thank you for your quick reply and I will never buy anything on your web site.
Support:sorry for the delay and the inconvenience again

In the last phrase I got upset and made a mistake about how many days have passed.

However, GeekBuying deceived me four times as follows.

Lie 1) Shipment in 2-7 days when I ordered.
Lie 2) In stock 8 days later when I contacted with the support for the first time.
Lie 3) Will be shipped 2-3 days later when I contacted for the second time.
Lie 4) Out of stock until the end of Feb 2018 when I chatted with the support.

Never trust GeekBuying shipment term.