TFBOYS, Coolest Boys in China, Is This MV Really OK?

I’d like to introduce the latest music video of TFBOYS, most popular boys group now in mainland China. Here is Youtube link.

TFBOYS ‘Adolescent Drill Book’ MV (YouTube)

Yes, they are exactly in mainland China style. They have no idea of copyright.

Let’s look at some screens.


This seems to be their emblem. No problem. And here is another picture.


I suppose I’ve ever seen this monster in a movie. Let’s go to the next picture.


Some students really look nice. You can find Bat-something and Ultra-something.


You can find Spider-man.


Spider-man and Batman can dance with you. Looks really happy.


This man asks a member of TFBOYS something. I’m sure I’ve seen this man before but I cannot remember where.


Really nice to have Super Woman as school principal.

I told you this boys group is the most popular boys group in mainland China as of summer in 2014. This music video is watched over 38 million times as of Oct 14, 2014.



And the management is earning big money in mainland China with this kind of music video.

If this is not a group in mainland China, where can it be?