Does Baidu, Inc. Want to Sell Privacy of Young Girls? (updated)

As we wrote in the recent entries on this blog, the largest search engine in mainland China Baidu, Inc. leaves unlawful contents as they are on its BBS service.
Baidu, Inc. is listed on Nasdaq since May 2005. The compliance with the laws in mainland China is not mandatory for continued listing according to Nasdaq ‘Continued Listing Guide’. However, we should not allow an unlawful company to raise money on the stock exchanges outside of mainland China.
And Baidu actually doesn’t care much about the contents of its BBS service called ‘Tieba’. We found a thread intentionally infringing the privacy protection law in China yesterday again.
Here is the unlawful thread.
As of 11 am Oct 6 2013 UTC, this thread seems to be really popular with more than 1,000 comments clearly enjoying the privacy intrusion.
This thread infringes the privacy protection law in mainland China by revealing the privacy of a girl born in 1991, who just participated in a girls singer group called SNH48 on Aug 18 2013.
The privacy revealed in this thread is that of before she entered the singer group, so the users on this thread cannot insist that this is only a scandal of celebrities. In addition, she is far from a celebrity because she just participated in the group and doesn’t even make a debut on the stage yet.
If you find “黑历史” these three Chinese letters in the title of any thread on Baidu’s BBS service, the thread can contain unlawful contents which reveal the privacy especially of a young girl.
There is a possibility that Baidu, Inc. intentionally leaves these kinds of threads as they are because they want to make money by attracting more users with this kind of privacy intrusion of a young girl.
If Baidu, Inc. doesn’t have such an intention, they should tell their users not to upload unlawful contents on their web sites and delete any unlawful contents after giving warning to related users instantly.
On Oct 10, 2013, Baidu deleted the privacy infringement contents written above. However, Baidu, Inc. iteself didn’t apologize but the thread author created an apology thread yet. If we find any unlawful thread again on Baidu’s BBS service called Tieba, we will continue reporting it to US SEC.