Baidu BBS Service, Keep Watching Its Compliance!

The largest search engine in China Baidu, Inc. is listed on Nasdaq since May 2005. The compliance with the laws in mainland China is not mandatory for continued listing according to Nasdaq ‘Continued Listing Guide’. However, we should not allow an unlawful company to raise money on any stock exchange outside of China.
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Of course, from the viewpoint outside of mainland China, the most serious problem is human rights, such as freedom of speech and ethnic minority problems. However, as long as stock market is concerned, let’s not interfere in their domestic politics.
So we should focus on whether or not Baidu complies with the domestic laws in mainland China. And they actually leave illegal contents as they are in their BBS service called ‘Tieba’.
For example, I recently found a public message which reveals a 16 year old girl’s privacy and defames her. And many users add comments defaming this girl. According to Minors Protection Law in mainland China, it is prohibited to reveal the privacy of minors, people younger than 18 years.
The problem is that Baidu leaves such illegal public messages as they are, even after I claimed several times via their contact in Japan (because I live in Japan). And several days later, I happended to find these illegal messages are deleted without noticing me. Baidu has no transparency in processing customers claims.
On Baidu BBS service ‘Tieba’, there still remain numberless messages revealing privacy of others and defaming them. Baidu seems to be very reluctant to check such illegal contents on their BBS service.
The companies not compliant with their domestic laws should not raise money on the stock exchange abroad. And the investors who put money on such unlawfull companies should also be blamed.
So here I would like to say, “Let’s keep watching Baidu BBS service!”