Baidu, Inc., Listed on Nasdaq, Infringes Minors Protection Law in China

*)On Aug 24, 2013, I confirmed the thread written below is deleted. Here I appreciate Baidu, Inc appropriately solving problems by observing Minors Protection Law in mainland China.
The Chinese largest search engine provider Baidu, Inc. is a lawbreaking company. They even don’t comply with laws in mailand China.
Baidu provides a BBS service called ‘Tieba’ in mainland China. You don’t have to register as long as you only read its contents.
Of course, there is no freedom of speech on this BBS. If you write anything against Chinese government, Baidu will instantly delete it without your permission.
But when you consider that there is no freedom of speech in mainland China itself, you can say that it cannot be helped even if Baidu has a strong censorship. In addition, you can even say that Baidu actually *follows* the laws of Chinese govenrnment.
However, Baidu explicitly infringes Minors Protection Law established by Chinese government.
China has Minors Protection Law amended on Dec 29, 2006. This law defines “minors” as people less than 18 years old. And its 39th article says that any organization or person shall not expose minors’ privacy.
Please take a look at the following very long thread on Baidu BBS. (Sorry but only in Chinese)
This thread intentionally exposes the privacy of a 16 year old girl. This girl is a member of a girls singer group SNH48. If you have some knowledge about Japanese sub-culture, you can easily find this group is a sister group in mainland China of AKB48.
Anyway, althought this thread on Baidu BBS intentionally exposes the privacy of a minor girl, defames her and infringes Minors Protection Law established by Chinese government, Baidu *would not* delete this thread.
Actually I asked Baidu to delete this thread several times, but Baidu ignores my claim as of now. This fact shows that Baidu has no intention to comply with laws even in their home country.
I wonder why U.S. government allows this illegal entity Baidu to be listed on NASDAQ. Does this mean U.S. government doesn’t care at all whatever the listed companys do?