Takeshi Kitano Said If You Support Same-sex Marriage, You Will Support Marriage With Animal at The End

On May 12, 2012, Takeshi Kitano, Japanese filmmaker and comedian, made fun of President Obama’s support for gay marriage in a Japanese TV news show called ‘7 days Newscaster’ and said that if same-sex marriage is OK, then the marriage between human and animal is also OK.
In this TV program, after the report of President Barack Obama’s declaration of support for same-sex marriage, Takeshi Kitano said, “Mr. Obama seems to support same-sex marriage. This means he will support the marriage with an animal at the end, doesn’t it?”
A Japanese actress Eri Watanabe, who also appeared as a commentator in this program, said to Takeshi Kitano, “What are you saying? Why do you say such a thing? I hope the same-sex marriage will be legal as well in Japan some day. Same-sex couples might be able to adopt and raise child. If such nice couples increase, I think it’s a good thing.”
Takeshi Kitano answered, “In Egypt blood brothers and sisters can get married.”
Ms Watanabe said, “Brothers and sisters!? That… that is…”
Takeshi Kitano continued, “But let’s think about a gay couple who adopt a child. If two married men raise a child, how will the child be raised? Whay do you think about it?”
The program’s anchorwoman Ms Mikumo said, “If they cherish the child, then…”
Ms Watanabe continued, “The child can be properly raised. Decently.”
Takeshi Kitano said, “However, the child will be bullied by saying, your mother is a father.”
Ms Watanabe answered, “To avoid such a thing, we should continue make efforts, don’t we? If the couple love child, what makes difference between gay couple and hetero couple?”
Takeshi Kitano said with a laugh, “If both hetero-sex marriage and same-sex marriage are OK, then you can marry an animal, don’t you?”
Ms Watanabe said, “Why do you talk in such a way? Am I stupid because I listen to you seriously? Don’t I have to be serious? Are you joking, Takeshi?”
This is an actual dialogue between Takeshi Kitano and a Japanese actress Eri Watanabe regarding President Obama’s support for same-sex marriage.
I know Takeshi Kitano is respected as a great filmmaker around the world. But you might have to rethink about it. He not only thinks the same-sex marriage should not be legal but also think it’s an inhuman act. He says once people step into the world which supports same-sex marriage, that means the world supports marriage with an animal as well.
In addition, Takeshi Kitano confirms that same-sex couple can’t raise a child properly even with decent affection. If we don’t call his way of thinking an obvious ‘discrimination’ against gay and lesbian couples, what definition can we give to the word ‘discrimination’?
As a Japanese, I’ve been proud of Takeshi Kitano because his movies are highly evaluated around the world. But from today I have to be ashamed of his existence itself because his discrimination wrongly let the world think Japanese society is desperately backward.