Google is technically excellent but politically terrible

Google is technically excellent, but politically terrible.
Baidu, Chinese search engine, recently started providing the beta version of Japanese input method editor(IME). Google also provides Japanese IME in Japan.
Technically speaking, Google’s Japanese IME is better than Baidu’s beta version IME. However, from the viewpoint of customer satisfaction, Google Japan is far worse than Baidu Japan.
Yesterday I pointed out some weak points of the beta version of Baidu Japanese IME. Promptly Baidu’s IME development team sent me an e-mail and said, “Thank you for your cooperation to improve our IME”. I was moved by their honesty and modesty.
On the other hand, one of my blogs is recently deleted from Google’s indicies suddently without any advance notice. That’s because my blog is spammed by thousands of trackbacks. I didn’t try to get better Google page rank intentionally at all.
So I asked Google to review my blog and crawl my blog again via the input form on Google Web Master Tool page. But I don’t receive any message or apology from Google Japan yet.
Which is more excellent company, Google or Baidu?
Under Japanese society context, Baidu is far more excellent company than Google and most Japanese consider Google as a self-centered and arrogant company.
Recently Google caused two troubles in Japan, the privacy problem about the street view feature of Google map, the copyright problem about Google book search.
Regarding both of these problems, Google Japan completely failed in the customer relationship management because Google Japan conducted these things without making any efforts to obtain consensus in advance.
I do utilize Gmail and Google Japanese IME and think they are really useful. So I think Google is an excellent company technically.
However, plainly speaking, Google is impolite, so a politically terrible comapy. I’m sure that most Japanese will agree with me.
I’m afraid this impoliteness of Google Japan will affect their business in Japan in the long run.
And it goes without saying that the same thing can be applied in China because Google openly criticizes Chinese government and in addition even the key person of the US government, Ms. Clinton, intervenes Google’s business matter.
Google’s self-righteous attitude will surely give serious damage to their own business in Japan and China in the long run.