Never Rely on Google Search Results!

Don’t use Google to search the web sites at least in Japan!
If you want to search blogs or images, you should use Yahoo! or Baidu Search.
Let’s confirm how Google’s page rank system gives wrong search results because of its own logic and the abuse of seach engine optimization.
The example search words I use are ‘パソナキャリア 評判’ (pasonacareer reputation). Pasona Career is a Japanese recruting agency.
僕が使うサンプルは「パソナキャリア 評判」という検索ワードだ。パソナキャリアは日本の人材紹介会社である。
The objective reputation of Pasona Career can be checked on ORICON’s web site. ORICON is a research company which provides the music hit charts just like Billboard in the US. ORICON also provides various rankings, e.g. the rankings of DVD sales, bestseller, comic sales, video game sales, box-office sales in Japan, etc…
ORICON also provides the customer satisfaction rankings of various business, e.g. esthetic clinics, fitness clubs, diet products, dentists, English schools, economy hotels, online brokers, internet providers, matrimonial companies, etc…
ORICON’s research methodology is the online questionnaire targeted at the customers who have actually utilized such products and companies. So we can consider ORICON’s research results are more reliable than Google’s search results which are strongly influenced by the search engine optimization.
Regarding the recruiting agencies, ORICON’s research methodology is like this: online questionnaire targeted at both women and men from 20 to 59 years old who have actually changed their jobs through any recruting agency.
(Ref: ‘What is ORICON Customer Satisfaction Rankings?’, written only in Japanese language)
According to ORICON’s recruiting agencies ranking of 2010, Pasona Career is the 11th best company among 13 companies included in the ranking. In other words, Pasona Career is the 3rd worst company among Japanese recruiting companies.
(Ref: ‘Recruting Agencies Ranking of 2010’, written only in Japanese language)
Now let’s look at the search results of Google with the keywords ‘PasonaCareer reputation’.
では「パソナキャリア 評判」をキーワードとしたグーグルの検索結果を見てみよう。
The top rank web site of Google search results is In this web site, PasonaCareer is ranked as the *BEST* recruiting company in Japan.
The 2nd rank web site of Google search results is In this web site, PasonaCareer is ranked as the sixth best among nine sample recruiting agencies.
The 3rd rank web site of Google search results is In this web site, PasonaCareer is ranked as the *BEST* recruiting company in Japan.
The 4th rank web site of Google search results is In this web site, PasonaCareer is described as good as another recruiting agency, Recruit Agent, which is ranked as the best recruiting agency in ORICON’s ranking. So this web site consider PasonaCareer as one of the *BEST* recruiting agencies in Japan.
By the way, please watch the URL of this site carefully, The latter half of URL ‘pasonakyaria’ is Japanese romanization of PasonaCareer. This web site is apparently created by the company which has relation with PasonaCareer itself.
The 5th rank web site of Google search results is This web site is redirected to another site in which PasonaCareer is ranked as the *BEST* recruiting agency in Japan.
The 6th rank web site of Google search results is In this web site PasonaCareer is ranked as the third best among six sample recruiting agencies.
However, in this web site the name of ‘PasonaCareer’ comes to the top of the page design and says “the quality of information is the best among other recruiting agencies”. This evaluation is quite different from ORICON’s research results.
しかしこのウェブサイトでは、パソナキャリアの名前はページデザインのトップに来ており、「情報の質 No.1の人材紹介会社」となっている。この評価はオリコンの調査結果と全く異なっている。
The 7th rank web site of Google search results is In this web site PasonaCareer is ranked as the second best recruiting agency based on the old ORICON’ research in 2008. At the same time, PasonaCareer is ranked as the *BEST* based on the web site called “”‘s research in 2008. However, the URL “” doesn’t exist now. (Please try to connect and confirm it doesn’t exist any more.) So we can consider the information of this web site is old and a kind of fiction.
The 8th web site of Google search resutls is This web site writes only about PasonaCareer, ingore other recruiting agencies and says “PasonaCareer is the most famous recruiting web site”.
By the way, let’s go to the upper level of this URL, i.e. Then you will see the web site which has some links but no substansive contents.
The 9th web site of Google search results is This web site is apparently under construction. However when you click the links on the left side, it says “the quality of job offer information is the best among other recruiting agencies”. And this web site says nothing about other recruiting agencies than PasonaCareer.
The 10th web site of Google search results is This web site is a mere copy of PasonaCareer’s web site and invite the users to regist PasonaCareer. So this site also says nothing about other recruiting agencies.
I think these ten web sites are enough to evaluate the worth of Google’s search results as long as the reputation of a recruting agency called “PasonaCareer”.
Google’s search results give us no useful information at all about how good PasonaCareer is because Google’s search results is considerably distorted by various kinds of search engine optimization.
The only information we can get from this Google’s search results is that PasonaCareer abuses the search engine optimization and gives wrong information to people looking for a new job, when compared with ORICON’s reliable research results.
Are you still going to rely on the search results of Google?