Google has no right to criticize Chinese government censorship

Regarding the problem between Google and China, even Hillary Clinton supports Google and criticizes Chinese government.
BTW, I can’t understand why Google has the right to criticize Chinese government.
That’s because we Japanese know Google does censor web sites in their own way.
In Japan, such kind of Google’s censorship is very notorious and we call it ‘Google Hachibu’. ‘Hachibu’ is the tradition of pre-modern Japanese society which casts out some inhabitants based on various reasons.
As you know, SEO means making page rank better, taking advantage of the program logic of Google page rank.
Every company does this kind of SEO. Some comapnies even pay considerable amount of money to SEO consultants.
However, if the SEO goes beyond ‘some’ boundary, the web site will be deleted from Google’s index. This is ‘Google Hachibu’ based on SEO.
The other kind of ‘Google Hachibu’ is based on the sevice called AdSense.
I think I don’t need to explain what is ‘AdSense’.
To insert ‘AdSense’ to our own web sites, we have to apply and go under Google’s censorship of the contents of web sites in advance. In addition, even after going through Google’s censorship, some web sites can be suddenly deleted from AdSense accounts.
SEO is a Google’s censorship based on technology. AdSense is a Google’s censorship based on the contents of web sites.
First, regarding SEO, the boundary where a web sites is deleted from Google’s index is not so clear and defined by Google in an arbitrary manner.
This way of doing things is not fair.
If Google wants to defend themselves against the abuse of page rank system, they should improve their page rank system instead of deleting the web sites based on the arbitrary rules. The abuse of technology shoule be overcome by the improvement of technology. This is the fair way of defending themselves against the abuse of page rank.
Secondly, ‘Google Hachibu’ of AdSense is clearly Google’s censorship based on the contents of web sites.
All the wired nations other than the US know that Google does such kinds of censorship. So Google’s criticism against Chinese government censorship isn’t persuasive at all outside of the US. However, people in the US don’t seem to understand this situation.
I’m afraid that my blog might be deleted from Google’s index because of this entry. This is not a joke. I’m serious.