■When I ride a train on weekend, a person talking to him/herself loudly sometimes step on the train. Such a person continues emotionally quarreling with a voice that nobody else can hear. Recently I learned such people are schizophrenia and his/her behavior is its typical symptom. We can understand how this happens to such people like this. If we couldn’t distinguish the stream of our own thought from that of somebody else and couldn’t think silently, that would result in monology. Auditory hallucination is one of characteristic symptoms of schizophrenia. After reading a few books about schizophrenia, I realized how little I knew about psychoses in general. Many people wrongly understand that the psychoanalysis is the major part of psychiatry because of popularization of Freudian theory. However, the mainstream of today’s psychiatry is becoming biological and genetic research according to Tamaki Saito, psychiatrist famous of comments on social withdrawal (hikikomori). Psychoanalysis can be applied only to neurotic and is very minor part of the whole psychiatry.