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■In Japan the unemployment rate of young people is twice as high as its average. More than 2 million young people are part-time workers. The prime reason of this phenomenon is inflexibility of Japanese labour market. If you fail to get so-called life time employment just after graduating from college, it is very difficult for young people to get employed after several years’ unemployment. Because of this decadelong deflation, companies tend to hire experienced workers rather than new graduates who have no working experience. Newpapers say that millions of unskilled young people will destroy this country’s future. It’s all right newspapers intensify public sense of crisis. But please do it after describing the real background. Why is the unemployment rate of the young is double? Why don’t young people feel like continuing working in a company? If you have experience of entering a company as a new JAPANESE graduate, I’m sure you know the reason. (If you are NOT Japanese but especially Caucasian, it’s natural that you are extremely welcomed by every Japanese because we discriminate only yellow people like Chinese and Korean. You already know how severe Japanese have been discriminating Korean people living in Japan.) Please remember what was happening to you just after entering the company. Yes, bullying by older colleagues. Older people themselves experienced bullying when young. Rebuked for small punctuation mistakes in your documents, failure to pick up the calls for your colleagues and your bad manner of greeting. All these trivial things are enough for older colleagues to enjoy scolding their subordinates. In Japanese Army style severe hierarchy, older colleagues retaliate against young people by insidious bullying for their own experience of being bullied when they were young employees. If we cannot stop this vicious circle of bullied-bullying chain, spoiled young persons these days can never continue working as full time workers. You can say older workers succeed in crowding out the young from their working place. Older workers can screen docile and obedient young persons for their comfort. This situation makes more and more difficult for Japanese companies to realize radical reform. With arrogant old men and docile young employees, how can we realize radical reform? This is the REAL background of high unemployment rate of young people that no newspaper can report.