Japanese deflation on Business Week

■I read an article about Japanese deflation on 2003/05/26 issue of Business Week. I confirmed almost all writings in this magazine are mere American imperiarism propaganda. Regarding Japanese deflation, this article says it is because of the bursted bubble and of the deregulations in Japan. This article tries to make everyone believe that Japanese suffer from the serious deflation because of our own fault. But let’s rethink about it. Where on earth did the bubble come from? In the late 1980’s the United States was afraid that money run away from their country because at that time Japanese interest rate is much higher than that of the U.S. So the U.S. government gave Japanese government diplomatic pressure and succeeded in lowering the interest rate in Japan. What will happen if we lower the interest rate when the economy is in a very, very, very good condition? The answer is the bubble economy. This argument is a kind of common sense among serious-minded economists including Paul Krugman. By the way, where can I find this argument in the article of Business Week? No, nowhere. I’m afraid that the writer of this article and the editors of Business Week don’t know anything about economy. If you discuss current Japanese deflation, inevitably you have to describe the diplomatic pressure from U.S. in the 80’s. I believe Japanese are not so stupid that we intentionally lower the interest rate inspite of economic boom. This article completely neglects the fault of the U.S. government. I believe ‘The Economist’ never does this kind of propaganda for the sake of propaganda.
■Finally I’ve got a notorious e-mail which demands me to pay the debt I’m not involved in at all. It claims that I should pay the debt within 4 business days to the bank account which belongs to a person called ‘Masami Yokota’. It says even that I didn’t pay after being demanded many times while I received this e-mail for the first time. This payment demand is completely false. Regarding this kind of e-blackmail, Japanese Metropolitan Police publishes a warning on this page. This page is written only in Japanese. But don’t worry. Even if you receive the e-blackmail mentioned above, you cannot even notice it is a blackmail because it is written only in Japanese. In Japan, e-mails cannot be recognized as a legally effective letter for any kinds of demand including debt payment demands. Just neglect it. But some web page says there are actually more than 3,000 persons who actually paid the fictious debt. This means the criminal got more than 90 million yen by just sending e-mails at random to the addresses they got by crawling over the web. The police should find out the criminal. I think it is extremely easy because the bank account is clearly shown on the e-mail. I don’t know why they can’t arrest the criminal yet inspite of all these evidences.