Iraq War BLOG

■In this weekend I watched a TV program of the state-run channel regarding a BLOG which provided information inside of Iraq just before the beginning of Iraq War. They said the BLOG got 500,000 access per month. The same program reported an American student who discussed with Iraqi students over video conference before the war and inclined to anti-war because of the feeling of personal relationship with them. During the war, he searched information which cannot be got through mass media. Peter Barakan, commentator of the TV program, insisted the possibilities of the power of the Internet against mass media. Another commentator, Natsuki Ikezawa, Japanese novelist, agreed with his opinion. I also agree with them. I think the Internet is the only way for ordinary people to communicate globally their idea. However, it is another problem how much the information on the Internet can influence the real world. This morning I appeared in my office after several days sick-in-bed and noticed everything goes as if nothing happened. By the way, the annual health checkup happened to fall on today. I was told for the first time in my life that I am hypotensive (= low blood pressure). It’s natural because the last week’s acute inflammation of stomach and intestine has obliged me to eat little these days. But I feel I’m recovering little by little.